At Central Coast Optometric Center, our opticians use Optikam digital imaging to take accurate measurements in one picture to give you the best vision from your glasses!

Opticians always strive to provide the highest level of customer service to their patients. Even so, the devices used to measure frame, lens, and patient parameters as well as those utilized for demonstrations and patient education often hinder their effectiveness. The Optikam software not only enhances an optician’s abilities, it extends them, greatly reducing the risk of errors and giving you a better quality pair of eyeglasses.

Optikam is also useful in helping you decide which eyeglass frames you want to order. We can show you a comparison of up to 4 images of you wearing different frames at the same time to help simplify your selections. With Optikam, you can preview the finished glasses BEFORE ordering them!

In addition, Optikam will also be able to help educate you in selecting proper lens options such as polarization, transitions, and anti-reflective lenses. Through our software we will be able to show you why it is beneficial to have these lens options.



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